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Father Rabbit's Guest House


Just as I was about to dash out the door yesterday morning I noticed a surprise package on my doorstep. The last thing I expected to see inside was the ingredients for a G & T, but there it was... a mini bottle of Bombay Sapphire Gin, a bottle of tonic water and a lemon! There was also a little packet of jellybeans and a card that read "what on earth is going on at Father Rabbit's house?" What, indeed?!

As it turns out, this delightful package marks a very exciting visitor to the Father Rabbit Guest House. Hello My Tropical Princess Bird Friend has brought with her a whole new product offering, built around her love of colour. A vignette specialist (borrowing traits from her distant cousin the magpie) Bird Friend brings together objects of contrasting hue and complimentary design like no other!

Knowing how much Father Rabbit creator and interior designer Claudia Zinzan loves white on white and uncluttered interiors (a girl after my own heart), I was interested to learn that she actually has a long history with colour, having worked at Aalto Colour as their colour consultant. Providing her with a huge insight into the intricacies of colour and palettes and their application on a larger scale, this colour memory has stayed with her and even helps with Father Rabbit putting together the neutral colour palette that he requires. 

The new products are brighter and bolder and will fit in a white palette as bursts of colour, but they'll also give an existing colourful interior the pops and bursts it needs. In continuing with their tradition of working with local talent, Claudia and her partner Nick Hutchison have commissioned close friend and artist Karley Feaver in bringing Hello My Tropical Princess Bird Friend to life. I can't wait to see the original artwork which can be found hanging in Father Rabbit's Guest House over Bird Friend's bed!   

In a kaleidoscope world of colour and fun, these gorgeous homewares and accessories are guaranteed to make your heart sing. Included in the range are classic Bensimon sneakers, the Feliz Home textile range, Pony Rider cushions and the LA stationery brand Sugar Paper. Here's a taste of what's on offer.

Shop online here or visit Father Rabbit's Guest House in person at 14 Cockburn St, Grey Lynn, Auckland.  

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  1. Oh wow, I've just been admiring the new products after seeing them on the Milo & Mitzy blog. First... what a delicious parcel to discover - I love Bombay Sapphire and jellybeans. Also love the new colourful products at Father Rabbit, or I should say My Tropical princess Bird Friend. x

    1. It sure was an awesome surprise - both the package and the new range! x

  2. I love their new range and I have to say, Bensimon shoes are my favorites, you never can have too many...

    1. I used to have some white ones.. the colours are fun aren't' they? x



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