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Genesin Studio & Moodboards


A post on Sideboard Styling that I wrote over a year ago immediately sprung to mind when I saw the image below. Two favourite images included the Flos 265 Lamp, and now I can add this one to the list. I've mentioned before how much I'd  love to own this design classic for our living room, preferably near the picture wall, extended over the sofa. But the line of it over a sideboard gets me every time. I also love the grouping of ceramics and books together with the simple circle print. 

This elegant, minimalist style is seen throughout Hazelwood Park Residence in South Australia, designed by Genesin Studio, who recently received the Emerging Practice Award at the 2013 Australian Interior Design Awards. A new build for a family of four, I love the 1950’s style architecture and mid-century modern furniture. 

The stunning use of marble in the kitchen, together with wood panelling gets my heart racing as does the extensive use of marble in the bathrooms. Together with the oversized round mirror, the room below is a real showstopper. 

Another Flos lamp in the living area (imagine owning two!) and I'm positively drooling. 

To see more projects by Genesin, including an incredible retail space, pop over here

Photo credit: Jonathan van der Knaap

Here are my latest moodboards, curated as always from my Pinterest boards.  

The one above was in celebration of reaching a milestone - 5000 likes on Facebook! Big, big thanks to those of you who follow along - I love sharing my daily snippets of design goodness with you all! 

We have a long list of house stuff to do this weekend, including getting the String Shelf assembled, and hopefully getting some artwork up. The bathroom mirrors should go in next week (fingers crossed) and building the fence should commence, so we are making progress! Have a lovely break and I'll see you back here Monday x 

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  1. Oh yes, a stunning look indeed and an incredible build. I wonder where it is? The home looks very similar to one I adored in Bellevue Hill Sydney. I'll have to pop over and look. Enjoy your weekend Michelle and all the exciting bits and bobs around your new home! We must catch up when I get back from Sydney, so much to talk about! M x

    1. Yes! I'm so looking forward to it Mel. Have an amazing time x

  2. The South Australia home is beautiful, I love the marble in the kitchen. Congrats on 5000 FB followers, that's awesome. x



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