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Lumiere Art + Co


Since starting her label Lumiere Art + Co in 2010, artist Emma Cleine has been featured in numerous print publications. While I've been admiring her gorgeous art and homewares on the web for some time, reading her interview in the latest Inside Out magazine confirmed how in awe I am of her work. Previously the art department head teacher at a secondary school, Emma realised while on maternity leave that she was 'yearning to make things again', and soon after Lumiere Art + Co was born. Incredibly creative and versatile, Emma uses a range of techniques to achieve uniquely beautiful, yet functional design pieces including artworks, cushions, bedding and kitchenware.

Cushions and artworks from the Lace Mandala Series

Heat-setting cushions on the kitchen bench and practicing Shibori-dying techniques on the grass outside was the norm before moving into her studio space, where she's currently working on 'ice-dying' using buckets of ice, linen and dye. The results speak for themselves. Sold in over 30 retail outlets in Australia and NZ (yippee) Lumiere + Co has also been commissioned to work for major retailers, publishers, jewellers and art festivals. 

The modern designs of the Deco collection have been achieved through Shibori, a traditional Japanese Dyeing technique.  

The latest Collection Wish features beautiful colours and vibrant floral, botanical and geometric designs. 

Make sure you pop over to Emma's beautiful site to see the full range and to shop online. You'll also find info on international shipping and see the list of stockists

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  1. I'm a big fan of Emma's work too, those cushions are gorgeous. Isn't it funny how many women on maternity leave take that time to change the direction of their careers?! x

    1. So true isn't it? And they never look back! x

  2. Beautiful motifs - delicate, airy, colorful! Ah, and another thing - I'm really hoping that the maternity leave what should start any time now for me too will bring some positive changes also to my career :)

    1. I'm sure it will Anu! Are you wanting to focus more on the blog side of things? Such exciting times ahead! I hope you're keeping well x x

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