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Through the Lens | Mikkel Adsbøl


When Mikkel Adsbøl was introduced to the world of photography by his ninth grade teacher, he was immediately taken by both the technical and visual aspects. Prior to this he wanted to be a chef, so it seems fitting that he began his career as an apprentice for one of Denmark's best food photographers, Lars Ranek. From here he expanded into other areas including advertising, lifestyle, home design, travel and portrait photography. Mikkel says it's a privilege to be able to interpret and convey what he sees of the world through his lens. Looking over his incredible portfolio, I feel privileged being able to enjoy his beautiful work, and I know you will feel the same.

These photos are from Mikkel's Lifestyle portfolio. He finds this area of work exciting because "the challenge lies in creating rooms". I love how he describes the process: "Lifestyle is so much more than white walls and four-legged chairs. It is also a mood. A composition that has to strike a balance in a dedicated teamwork of stylists, craftspeople and designers to achieve the best possible result. Lifestyle is about creating moods that inspire, provoke and take things to a new place". 

I'd love to gain (even some basic) photography skills so I find Mikkel's words both inspiring and daunting at the same time! So much talent, creativity and patience goes in to mastering the art of photographing interiors. I love the way Mikkel incorporates composition, colour and light, often using an over exposed technique to create striking contrasts. 

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The sun is shining and we're off to a wedding this afternoon. Happy times! Have a great weekend - see you Monday 

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  1. So many beautiful, inspiring images. I love his quote about creating moods that inspire and provoke - so true! Enjoy the wedding x

  2. How about that second image? Velvet cushions and a free standing door. Awesome! Happy weekend. Enjoy the wedding. x

  3. His images are really beautiful! I wish I knew how to take shots like these. I would sure save a lot of money when I need pictures of my interior projects!!

  4. Lovely images Michelle. It's so inspiring to see beautiful photography and agree that it's also daunting.. I find dark moody images fascinating, it's so difficult to work with little light and some people like Mikkel master it. Mel x



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