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Minimalist Styling | Pella Hedeby


What I find appealing about minimalist interiors is the elegant, understated look they create. A simple colour palette of black, white and grey with natural materials such as wood, concrete and marble make for a deliciously stunning combination. Add a metallic accent such as brass or copper and I'm practically salivating! Although some find minimalism too stark or sterile, I believe it can be done in a way that still brings life, warmth and personality to your home. 

One of my favourite stylists and bloggers, Pella Hedeby has mastered this paired-back, Scandinavian style of minimalism beautifully. Not a day passes where I don't check in to one of her lovely blogs. Stil Inspiration is where she shares all that inspires in the way of interior design and architecture, including examples of her own work. The other, Hitta Hem, is where she and fellow interior designer Marie Ramse share more of their incredible projects.

This stunning apartment in Stockholm, styled by Pella and photographed by Kristofer Johnsson who I featured hereis a perfect example. I love the moodboards, black and white photographs and statement lighting that often feature in Pella's work. 

Simple workspace details... 

a clipboard for photos or quotes....  

and branches in a glass vase. Simple, yet stunning. That marble topped sideboard is divine! 

I was really interested to read Pella's post where she talks about an interview she took part in for an upcoming article in the concept of Minimalism. When asked if her signature black and white style received criticism for being dull and colourless, she said "no, not directly... the comments are mostly positive and I've probably scared away anyone who loves a lot of colour a long time ago...  " That made me smile. Describing her aesthetic in more detail, Pella says that for her, restrained decoration brings about a calm and liberating feeling. Adding a shaggy sheepskin is enough to create cosiness and instead of colour, she chooses to combine materials such as Carrara marble, concrete, wood and textiles. 

Photo credit: Kristofer Johnsson

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  1. You know me, I am one of those colour lovers. But I certainly wouldn't be scared away from Pella's style, it's beautiful, and I can totally appreciate it's beauty. I think the secret is lots of texture. x

  2. I only just found your blog and I'm so glad I did! It's so beautiful. That marble topped sideboard is stunning. I have such a thing for mixed real materials - marble, wood, metal, glass all together. Heaven!

    1. Thanks Jo - lovely to meet you! x

    2. You too! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog - following along too :) x

  3. Thanks Michelle! This made me smile! :) Happy weekend! Hugs

    1. Love your work Pella, always inspiring. Have a lovely weekend x

  4. True eye-candy for me! :) I hope you'll having a great weekend!

  5. Hey Michelle! What a gorgeous pad Pella has! Truly stylish - love anything done well and with good taste! Mel x



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