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Interior Styling | Antlers


Although I have yet to acquire some antlers, I'd love to get my hands on some. Rest assured, no reindeer are harmed when it comes to antlers. They shed them naturally at different times of the year, leaving a new set to grow back. Unmistakably Scandinavian, they have been used for centuries. If real antlers are not your cup of tea, there are plenty of artificial ones around these days. 

Not only do antlers look stylish and add interest, they make great hooks, providing a handy place to hang everyday things, or something different like a light... 

Perfect for this time of year, they also provide a unique way to hang Christmas decorations...

Natural antlers go hand in hand with a beautiful hide, like in this gorgeous child's room...

Or for a bit of fun, here are some cool DIY ideas...

I'd definitely like to copy this next one. I love the way the hard, raw antlers contrast with the delicate flowers, creating a beautiful work of art for your wall.

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For ready-made, natural antler products, look no further than US based company Antler & Co. I love the mobile and little bookshelves. For more information on what they offer, take a look here.

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  1. Love those painted ones. I have a fake deer head next to my side of the bed, and my cord light loops around the antlers - perfect! x

  2. Hi Michelle!

    Such a lovely idea for a post - really unique! My favourite is the painted antlers. The gold and blue is great!

    Trisha Xx

    1. Thanks Trisha. Lovely of you to stop by - hope to hear from you again! x

  3. Love this. Just putting together a post on antlers myself, I'm a tad obsessed with them! We have just started our homewares business (and blog) and are selling them if you're interested? Just shoot me an e-mail at Cheers, Talia

  4. Hi, could you tell me the prices of these lovely pieces of art works please - love them, Thanks



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