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Ylva Skarp | Swedish Designer


Personality, creativity, curiosity and integrity are four words which caught my eye on Pinterest recently. Written in a beautiful calligraphic style, and printed on to a set of cushions, they are the work of Swedish designer Ylva Skarp, who specialises in the art of calligraphy. I love the graphic patterns and typography, which Ylva combines to creates a range of eye-catching prints and accessories for the home.

The images below are the result of a collaboration between Ylva and Anna Leena Leino, the incredibly talented stylist and blogger from Annaleenas Hem, who styled and photographed Ylva's latest range of prints. 

For the webshop and stockists take a look here. For product news, styling tips and added inspiration, check out Ylva's lovely blog

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  1. Her calligraphy is beautiful, I'd love a couple of those pillows. And the styling is fabulous too. x



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