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Design for Christmas


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Christmas is only five weeks away, and it seems that everywhere I look, be it Pinterest or around the blogosphere, there are beautifully decorated Christmas-themed interiors and amazing DIY projects.

I've picked out some standout examples to share with you, but first I must show you these gorgeous geometric decorations I've fallen in love with. Available exclusively at they are laser cut from plywood and frosted white acrylic. Made in Great Britain, they are sold in a set of four designs and come with a choice of striped bakers string for hanging.

Available for delivery worldwide, get yours here

To find out more about these DIY projects, click on the links below the images. 




As you know, I'm a big fan of Jennifer Hagler of the US-based blog A Merry Mishap. She is quite simply a master of pared-back Scandi styling and a constant source of inspiration. Her DIY talents are incredible (as shown in three of the examples above). To finish off, here's a peek at Jennifer's home as she gets ready for Christmas. I love the DIY Advent calendar she made for her son.


Feeling inspired? Have fun decorating your home this year and enjoy your weekend. 

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  1. Some gorgeous ideas you've found Michelle thank you! The DIY Advent calendar is especially wonderful:) Mel x

  2. Great collection of Christmas inspiration! I try to hold myself back from going into the real Christmas mood before the start of December, but I feel that it has became harder each day, especially spending time in Pinterest :)

    1. I know what you mean! I think I'll have to make this post in to a series... my Christmas ideas folder is growing by the day... x

  3. Great ideas Michelle. I'm trying to decide on a diy advent calendar, as I'm not a fan of the tacky ones from The Warehouse (although my kids are). That's a really cute one with the paper bags. x



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