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Nordic Elegance by Nordiska Kök


In a beautiful 1920's house next to the famous Humlegård garden in Stockholm, Nordiska Kök has created a new kitchen in warm oak with soft beige painted cabinets and contrasting black details. An elegant combination that injects character and a modern feel, it is also a harmonious fit with the home's original details.

To give the space an airy feel, oak doors have been stained in the same dark brown tone as the original flooring. I love how Nordiska Kök tailors its designs for each client, continually surprising us with clever and unique elements. Taking inspiration from outdoor cafes and bars, this design features a bespoke kitchen sofa with black leather upholstery and a mounted café table. Another key element is the dark Nero Marquina marble which creates a contrast to the apartment's original 1920's detailing.

To create space, the cabinets - which feature oak on the inside - deliberately stop before the wall. This also allows for the beautiful curtains to fall freely, adding to the overall restaurant vibe. The drawers are all solid oak, and the oak kitchen island provides space for guests to sit and watch their host cook at the hob. The Icha stool is by Massproductions.


Further enhancing the elegance and functionality of the space is a pocket-door cabinet. When closed, the doors create a seamless continuation of the soft beige tones and clean lines, with long black door handles by Buster + Punch. When open, the oak and marble interior of the cabinet provides warmth, texture and a sense of cohesion. Each look different, yet equally beautiful.

Styling by Caroline Sandström / Photography by Andrea Papini

If this inspiring project has left you wanting more, check out another favourite of mine, the Warm Minimalist Kitchen by Nordiska Kök. 

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