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Louise Liljencrantz Launches Veermakers at the Grand Relations Studio


Stockholm Design Week 2021 is currently underway and understandably this time around it has a strong digital focus. I’m enjoying watching the live-streamed talks featuring noted brands and designers on a range of interesting topics such as how the pandemic has effected business and sustainability in Swedish design. Of course, locals are still able to enjoy a wonderful line up of shows and exhibitions, and I’m excited to receive news of the associated product launches via my inbox. One of these which I’m sharing today is the new brand Veermakers. A collaboration between Liljencrantz Design and KFK Cabinet-Makers, where quality and timeless design take centre stage, the debut collection is currently being showcased in an inspiring exhibition curated by Louise Liljencrantz in the Grand Relations studio.

The collaboration between leading Swedish interior designer Louise Liljencrantz and KFK Cabinet-Makers began in 2017. Creating bespoke interiors and limited-edition furniture, they do so without compromising on design, production, or choice of material. The new brand Veermakers, by Louise Liljencrantz and Kristin Rudenstam, is based on the same philosophy as Liljecrantz and KFK’s earlier collab, with sustainability and the production of unique furniture, lighting, mirrors and other objects - all with a strong presence - guiding their work. 

"With Veermakers, we want to create the same feeling of craftsmanship as in our earlier creations but with a less complex production process. This way, the pieces will also be available for retail and consumers and not purely for an interior design project,” says Louise Liljencrantz.

Using top quality material and a timeless design, Veermakers will offer authentic products with a strong yet subtle design language. The brand name is a play on words in which ”veer” means to take the other direction. However, Veermakers not only wants to switch course but they also want to turn back the clock to a time when craftsmanship was truly valued.

"A lot of what we see on the market today bears testimony to a compromise in both design and quality. With Veermakers, we want craftsmanship to be in the spotlight and create products that are the complete opposite to mass production and rapid consumerism,” says Louise Liljencrantz.

The exhibition is currently on show at Grand Relations studio by Vasa Park in downtown Stockholm. While the light and airy 200 sqm space with a ceiling height of over five metres enjoys a soft, ambient vibe, it also boasts a luxurious look and feel, with interior and concept developed by Louise Liljencrantz. Among other things, Louise has designed carpentry pieces, background walls, podiums and the lounge table Sunny Side Up – all produced by KFK.

Founders of Veermakers - Louise LIljencrantz and Kristin Rudenstam

Veermakers products will be available via select retailers across the world.

Photography by Erik Lefvander
Images courtesy of Grand Relations

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