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New Furniture Collection by Daniel Boddam Studio


As a way of overcoming Australia’s border closures, Australian Architect Daniel Boddam has used 3D Visualisation to showcase his beautiful new collection of furniture and lighting. The virtual apartment in Paris, designed by Daniel in Paris’ archetypal Haussmann-style and rendered by Avo Studios, is characterised by material restraint and an abundance of natural light.

An inventive response to the current situation, inspired by Matisse’s famed proclamation “I will make my own pool”, the 183 square meter apartment, comprising an entrance hall, living, kitchen, bedroom, ensuite, study and powder room, is a romanticised abode that celebrates simplicity whilst allowing creativity to flourish.

“Travel has been an important part of my life since childhood, and Paris holds a particularly special place in my heart,” says Daniel, who was born to an Australian father and Venezuelan mother. “The experience of confinement has been unsettling on so many levels, however instead of lamenting what was, I decided to explore what could be through 3D visualisation”.

Like Matisse, whose unfulfilled desire to see divers in Cannes led to his acclaimed ‘The Swimming Pool’ work in cut paper, Boddam’s furniture also seeks to bring the outside in.

The Geo Collection of tables is inspired by the raw yet robust Australian landscape and defined by an unconventional application of ‘rammed concrete’, while the Coast Collection of seating and lighting draws on the designer's life by the sea in idyllic Byron Bay. Other pieces to be discovered in the apartment include the Wave Sofa and Wave Chair, a duo characterised by the undulating rhythm of rolling waves, and the Oscar Console available in a range of heights, inspired by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer for its curved edges and architectural presence.

“There’s unspoken poetry in placing a piece of furniture inspired by the raw Australian landscape in a historic setting,” says Daniel. “The immediately familiar Haussman vernacular heightens the ‘Australianess’ of the furniture’s expression by establishing a dialogue between the primitive and the modern.”

Completing the apartment’s décor is a curated selection of artworks that depict nature, nudes, landscapes and travel by artists Clara Adolphs, Chris Warnes, Oliver Whatts and Boddam’s wife Kelly Geddes.

Visualisations by Avo Studios

While visitors to the virtual apartment will be transported to Paris from wherever they are in the world, Daniel Boddam's furniture is a truly Australian affair. With concrete and timberwork produced in Sydney and mouthblown glass from Adelaide, each piece is made to order and available worldwide via Daniel Boddam Studio.

Daniel Boddam Studio’s virtual apartment is now open for viewing at

Images courtesy of Daniel Boddam

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