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2019 News from Ethical Danish design brand Mater


With a beautiful aesthetic that has clear references to Scandinavian minimalism, Danish design brand Mater is known for its commitment to sustainability. Ensuring all products are made with sustainable or ethically sourced materials, Mater creates products that last a lifetime. Partnering with renowned designers, they have launched new pieces designed by long-term collaborators Space Copenhagen and OEO Studio. In addition, they present an innovative reissue of a chair and table collection first designed in 1955 by 20th Century designers Jørgen and Nanna Ditzel

The Dining Chair and High Stool Backrest by Space Copenhagen for Mater are an exploration of classic, simple and sculptural design. Akin to Space Copenhagen’s High Stool for Mater— a modern day Danish design classic now celebrating its 10th anniversary— the Dining Chair and High Stool Backrest are crafted in sustainably-sourced wood and upholstered in soft durable leather, resulting in pieces with timeless quality and an effortless look. 

Available in solid oak or beech wood, the Dining Chair and High Stool Backrest have a fully supportive and generous rounded backrest that provides a heightened sense of comfort, outweighing the need for armrests. 

Henrik Marstrand, Founder and CEO of Mater says ‘On the back of celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the High Stool we felt it was the perfect time to evolve our collaboration with Space Copenhagen and introduce the Dining Chair and High Stool Backrest. We hope these new pieces will also become a modern-day Danish design classic as its predecessor did. Space Copenhagen and Mater have a shared approach and passion to create classic, timeless and durable designs using high-quality materials, with a commitment to the finest craftsmanship in an ethical context.’

Mater and OEO Studio have been collaborating since the brand first launched in 2006, both having a shared ethos on sustainability and design. For the Column Dining Table Mater briefed OEO Studio to create a new trestle that was visually different from traditional trestle styles utilising recycled waste from the food industry. 

Continuing with Mater’s agenda to constantly innovate with sustainable materials, the Column Dining Table by OEO Studio features a 100% recycled table top that has a honed marble-like look. Two versions are available, a white top made from 100% recycled yoghurt pots and a black top made from 100% recycled packaging waste. Materials for the table top are sourced from Smile Plastics UK. 

Made to order, the Column Dining Table by OEO Studio has a simple yet sculptural design. The frame and legs are made from a lacquered oil burnt iron sheet, giving the table a beautiful, monolithic feel. The trestles are handmade by skilled artisans and craftspeople in Moradabad, Northern India. 

The Ocean Collection is characterised by its light structure with repeated slats and metal frames, made and tested for outdoor use. The collection represents sustainable and innovative thinking and honours the United Nations Global Goals of sustainable development, pushing the design industry towards a greener agenda. Remarkably, one single Ocean chair uses 960g of ocean plastic waste. 

The Ocean Collection is designed for disassembly, meaning that the design allows each component in its purest form to be recycled into new production circles when it comes to the end of its useful life. 

The original design from 1955 was made up of a steel frame and timber veneer. The reissues of the pieces have been scaled up by 5% to accommodate modern proportions, but otherwise the form remains the same. The table and chair’s simple shape and lightness epitomise the Ditzel’s precise, practical and playful design sensibility, and are perfectly suited to the use of ocean plastic.

With the current state of the planet, Mater is taking real action to protect our environment, working to turn waste plastic into durable and desirable designs for the home. I'm sure you'll agree, Mater has done an incredible job of reimagining these furniture pieces! 

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