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Deconstructed | A New Collection by Atelier Cph


Copenhagen-based creative studio Atelier Cph have launched a new poster collection for 2019, Deconstructed.  The collection is inspired by architectural sketches and the Dutch art movement De Stijl,  discovered during a research trip to the Bauhaus Archive in Berlin.

"The inspiration for architectural lines came from our research trip to Berlin where we visited the Bauhaus building known as The Bauhaus Archive. Bauhaus was a pillar of modernism and made space for experimentation in design, which we found interesting while researching for our new collection. The art movement De Stijl, which is all about pure abstraction and universality by a reduction to the essentials of form and colour, has also been an important influence for the collection."—Atelier Cph

With this in mind, Atelier Cph founders Sara Ingemann and Mandy Rep created an assembly of cubistic and geometric shapes that are positioned in layers, where both vertical and horizontal lines meet. 

The design duo further explain "In our new collection we wanted to grasp the historical importance of these movements and translate it into a modern collection, where historical marks on paper, cut-outs and subtle pencil lines create a new minimalistic dimension in each piece. We tried to minimise our use of materials and experiment with the effects of light, where we let the shadows paint the canvas."  

This concept has been beautifully executed, resulting in a wonderful collection of prints that are both simple yet striking. I would share my favourites but I'm still deciding!

Art direction and styling by Atelier Cph 

The Deconstructed collection is now available to purchase from

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