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Lair Collection by An Interior Affair


Recently I shared this gorgeous interior project, where founder of An Interior Affair Lovisa Häger included some of her soon to be launched furniture pieces. As a big fan of Lovisa's creative work, especially her incredible DIY pieces, I was super excited to see her designs come to life. Now the Lair Collection has officially launched, the wait is over! 

As I've mentioned, Lovisa is an incredibly skilled DIY-er, and she has long had a vision that beautiful interiors can be created from anything, regardless of budget, and that anything and everything could (and should!) be turned on its head to create new and interesting interior design. What began as an escape from long days of finance studies in London several years ago, An Interior Affair has grown into an online platform for all Lovisa's creative expressions within interior design. Her work is varied, ranging from decorating homes and offices to developing marketing concepts and creating digital content. She recently launched a beautiful art collection, and now her latest endeavour is designing furniture.

Lair is based on the idea of sustainability in interior design through versatile products with multiple purposes. "We believe that if we create pieces that can be the foundation in your home, they can stay with you forever."

The collection includes table legs and table tops that can combined in endless ways, to be used as everything from pedestals, dining tables and sideboards to shelves, bedside tables and benches. Designed to encourage creativity, An Interior Affair will also customise any of the designs to suit a particular space. All pieces are designed by Lovisa Häger and made in Sweden by a passionate father-daughter team. 

Photography by Calle Ström

As a stylist, creativity and resourcefulness around using what you have comes with the territory, but I also just love the idea of changing things around at home to suit my mood. Which is why I love this concept. It also fits in perfectly with my ethos of 'buy once, buy well'. Bravo Lovisa! 

To find out more about the collection and how the pieces can be arranged to suit, take a look here

Images courtesy of An Interior Affair 

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