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Modern Times presents Cerberus by Hannah Nowlan


Excited to share news of an upcoming exhibition today, Cerberus at Modern Times will be the gallery's second solo exhibition by Hannah Nowlan. Featuring over twenty new paintings created in the wake of a life-changing event, this series follows on from Myths, Moons and Mountains, and showcases a maturity in the evolution of Hannah’s work as she explores the boundaries between fable and reality, dreams and memories. 

Three Headed Dog at the Gates, Seven Gill Shark and To Soak, Submerge and Capsize 

Physically tied to the location of Hannah's home, the exhibition references the famous Cerberus shipwreck at Half Moon Bay. A constant reminder of the stories and legends of her childhood, its presence has permeated her identity making its way into her paintings. Inspired by the topography of the ocean floor Hannah employs layers of texture and tone to elicit imagery of oceanic depths, light and subtle shadows amongst waves. Colour varies from a glistening surface and a guiding light, to a smoky patina of depth, to an all enveloping darkness of a matte stroke. 

Uncovering the oceanic depths with a dense palette of hues and layers of texture Hannah creates a series of intensely personal paintings. A profoundly sublime collection of works from the young artist, Cerberus prompts emotional encounters, resonating with our sense of empathy and love.

Surrender Your Guns, The Underdog and Stone Cold 

Hannah Nowlan is an emerging artist having completed her Bachelors in Fine Art Drawing and Printmaking with Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) in 2015, she currently works out of her home studio as a visual artist and partner in her family business ‘Grain of Descent’. Considerably influenced by the surf culture of Victoria’s coastline, Hannah’s practice attempts to communicate a relaxed and therapeutic atmosphere of Australia’s vast natural landscapes.

The opening of Cerberus is on Thursday 16th August (6pm-8pm) and the exhibition will be showing until 29th August. 

All artworks are beautifully framed in Tasmanian Blackwood. Both interstate and international shipping is available. 

To find out more, visit

Images courtesy of Modern Times 

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  1. She works are gorgeous! The colours and the overall feel are truly wonderful! Great artist and thanks for sharing x

    Millie x



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