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Sustainable Style with Bamboo Shelves + a Touch of Vintage


With a focus on sustainability, this styling provide lots of inspiration when it comes to shelves. Featuring the Ikea Svalnäs wall shelving made from bamboo, they bring a warm element to the interior and pair beautifully with earthy coloured objects. Shelves are a great way of displaying favourite ceramics, books and other objects. Like our iconic String shelving at home, I like that these are configured with draws at the bottom, providing a great place to store excess wares while keeping the shelves free for favourite things you want to have on display.

Having been around for so many years, Ikea now boasts some iconic vintage furniture pieces. One of the most sought after is the Amiral leather armchair with chromed metal frames designed by Karin Mobring in the early 1970's. Creating an effortless mix of old and new, the warm leather looks right at home against the shelves, and is further enhanced by the new rich hue of the Aröd floor lamp.   

Styling by Anna Lenskog Belfrage / Photography by Ragnar Ómarsson for Ikea Livet Hemma

Other Ikea pieces include the new hand-woven Industrial armchair and Storuman floor lamp. I can't get enough of paper lamps right now,  and the graphic art prints add further charm to the overall space.

Here's some more inspiration with the Svalnäs shelves. Cleverly constructed around the wall of a bed to include a workspace, it shows the shelving's incredible versatility. Pella's fabulous styling is also instantly recognisable! I love how she's mixed practical pieces such as storage boxes, books and art supplies alongside lots of personal touches. 

Styling by Pella Hedeby / Photography by Ragnar Ómarsson for Ikea Livet Hemma

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  1. We have lots of Ikea furniture within our home, and I love the way that they're continually evolving their style, whilst staying true to all things Scandi. Love the floor lamp shown here - certainly a purchase when I next visit!



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