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Personalised Sideboards by Superfront


Swedish company Superfront create tailor-made finishes for Ikea's most popular cabinet frames. Offering customised fronts, handles, legs, sides, tops and even sinks for a new kitchen build or renovation, Superfront is a fun concept that allows for the creation of affordable, personalised furniture. Launching regular product ranges that can be purchased online and made to order, their newest collection ASAP provides a new feature of nine sideboards designed for Ikea's BestÃ¥ cabinet, that are all ready to ship, for a faster and easier option. Paired with beautiful rugs, ceramics, art, objects and lighting, the designs below offer plenty of styling inspiration. 

Images via Superfront

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  1. Love this idea! Does this company ship to US or Canada? Or is there a company in the US or Canada that does something like this? Thanks!



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