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A Special Arrival from La Cartuja de Sevilla


During the Sunny Design Days tour in Spain we were given a truly memorable experience on our second night in Barcelona. Visiting the incredible home of Spanish interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán, we had a wonderful dinner showcasing beautiful earthenware pieces from iconic brand La Cartuja de Sevilla. Founded in 1841, the company has a rich history that tells of the tableware being present inside royal houses and at the most refined tables, but La Cartuja de Sevilla is also found in most Spanish homes. In fact everyone is Spain has a personal story relating to La Cartuja. Its emotional component is an intrinsic part of the brand, and I'm happy to say that I left that evening having made my own special connection. Treated to a delicious dinner consisting of many courses, each was served on a different La Cartuja de Sevilla plate, featuring one of the distinctive designs. Invited to participate in a fun game, we all had to write the name of the designs on a piece of paper. At the end of the night one was drawn, and it just happened to be mine, resulting in the win of an incredible prize - the Cabeza Frenológica (Phrenological head). An amazing way to end the night, the head was too precious to take on the plane so they very kindly shipped it to me. Excited to receive it late last week, I feel very lucky to have such a special souvenir from that night! 

Styling and photography by Michelle Halford for TDC

Foliage from Bloom Social

After 175 years, La Cartuja de Sevilla is more dynamic than ever. Without losing sight of its past, the company continues to renew its products with innovative shapes and designs. Alongside the classic tableware are several new collections. These include the 202 Blanca, which is a new take on one of La Cartuja's most emblematic designs, and the 202 Rosa, both part of the Aurora collection. The introduction of two new designs, Laberinto and Primavera, sees the editing of templates from 1890, giving them a current touch featuring floral and insect decorative elements.

The new Viena collection is the first minimalist range featuring a more refined design and simpler tableware. This year will also see the launch of La Cartuja Contemporary, which will bring exciting collaborations with renowned artists and designers, the collection La Cartuja Basics, and the production of some limited editions. 

The Vega collection above is designed by Isaac Piñeiro. Consisting of vases, trays and candle holders, this beautiful range is a personal favourite. With a view to create new products that are better adapted to current trends, La Cartuja de Sevilla continues to respect the history and essence of the brand while maintaining its commitment to the highest quality. Artisans continue to work their magic every day, employing the skills and knowledge that have been passed down from generation to generation since the start of their incredible journey more than 175 years ago. 

To find out more about the company and collections, visit La Cartuja de Sevilla.

Images courtesy of La Cartuja de Sevilla 

The Sunny Design Days tour was arranged by RED - Reunión de Empresas de Diseño / Spanish Design Association - a nonprofit organisation that promotes Spanish design worldwide.

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