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ViSSEVASSE | New Poster Series by Dan Isaac Wallin


Danish brand ViSSEVASSE have released a beautiful new poster series by the Swedish art photographer Dan Isaac Wallin. With nature being a recurring theme in Dan's artistic work, the photos are taken during his travels where he likes to seek out deserted areas, until the perfect composition appears. Consisting of five new captivating posters, the collection showcases salty oceans in Sisjon Sweden, raw granite and dry deserts in Baja Califiornia Sur, and snow-covered mountain peaks in Kvalnes, Norway.  

”It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what it is Dan Isaac Wallin does, but somehow, he captures moments and places one might not recognise as beautiful at first glance. With a keen eye for detail, colours and composition, he creates images with an intriguing and dreamy expression." -Dorthe Mathiesen, ViSSEVASSE

The posters are now available to purchase from the ViSEVASSE Webshop

Images courtesy of ViSEVASSE

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  1. Wow, Dan's collection looks incredible!! The soft colours and everything about each image is truly remarkable!! I love them all, thanks for sharing x

    Millie x



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