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Silke Bonde | Grow Up - A Tribute to the Green Life Around Us


I was very excited to receive news this morning from the wonderful Copenhagen-based designer and artist Silke Bonde. Even more so, when I learnt that her exclusive new collection that takes inspiration from her trip to Tokyo last fall. With common traits of form and function, the Scandinavian and Japanese design aesthetics fuse beautifully and Silke's interpretation is exquisite. Entitled Grow Up, the the collection is 'a tribute to the green life around us' and consists of an impressive 22 handmade art pieces combining different crafts including both watercolouring and sewing. 

Noticing straight away all the green plants growing from every little spot in the city, Silke observed that everyone living in the city had their own small micro garden in front of their property. She says "I like the random and messy green look that blurs the line between public and private space. Also, I love the idea that every little property contributes to a greener world. These beautiful green streets of Tokyo harmonise with my fascination of the Japanese aesthetics and the Wabi-Sabi world view based on the beauty of the imperfect, incomplete and ephemeral." The appreciation of asymmetry, simplicity and the ongoing processes of nature are also important aspects of the Wabi-Sabi aesthetics and this is something Silke finds very inspiring in her work. 

Centred around the exceptional life of plants growing wild everywhere, and the beauty of growing in different directions, Silke has blended natural and organic shapes from the watercolour together with the imperfect, asymmetric and incomplete in the sewing thread that complies with the Japanese aesthetics. Representing the true diversity of plants and the different shades of green you will find in the botanical universe, the resulting creations are each unique, with their own special illustration. 

Photography by Studio Oink

So beautiful! Grow Up is now available to purchase online, with worldwide shipping. 

Images courtesy of Silke Bonde

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  1. Yess loving these pieces x

    Millie x



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