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Workspace Lighting Wishlist


A new lamp for my office has been on the wishlist for ages. I always say good things take time, but now that my office has been freshly painted, I'm really itching for one. Lighting is such an exciting element for me. I'm drawn to elegant lines and new innovations, but mostly I keep coming back to the iconic designs that are truly timeless. I want to invest in a special lamp that I know I will have for many years to come, even if it means waiting a little longer! It also needs to be functional, and for the office that means effective task lighting, as I regularly work in the evenings. Here are some beautiful lamps that never fail to get my heart racing. 

Styling and photography by Riikka Kantinkoski / Weekday Carnival

via String 

Lampe Gras: New Colours via Milk Decoration

Styling and photography by Nina Holst / Stylizimo

Photography by Mikkel Mortensen and Illustration by Christophe Louis for Kinfolk

via Gubi

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  1. They all look amazing, but in absolute love with the first one x

    Millie x



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