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Modulo Shelving System by Materia


I love a great shelving system, so I was excited when I came across the new Modulo system by Swedish design company Materia. Designed by Jesper Ståhl, it features flexible storage modules that allow you to organise and display magazines, books and accessories. 

I just watched a video (with English subtitles) on the Materia Facebook Page where the designer talks about his inspiration behind the design. He says a key focus is magazine storage and as a bit of a hoarder I found myself sitting up and taking note. The shelves are designed in such a way that you can organise your magazines or create a 'frame' around those you want to display. I often buy magazines where the covers are literally a work of art and I want to show them off, so this really appeals to me. There's even a transparent acrylic box to place the magazines or other favourite items in. I also love the notice board where you can stick notes and postcards. 

Styling by Katrin Bååth / photography by Day Fotografi 

The Modulo shelf modules can be used as compact single units or combined together to create a fun, personalised structure. The beautiful styling of these shelves is by Katrin Bååth whose incredible studio I featured here

Images via Materia

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