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New Innovations in Furniture Design


I have discovered a few new and innovative furniture design concepts lately that I thought I'd share with you today. First up, design company Tylko who have created a revolutionary app that offers a new way of designing and purchasing furniture. Founded by creative interdisciplinary Polish designers Hanna Kokczyńska and Jacek Majewski, entrepreneur Benjamin Kuna, architect Nikolaj Molenda and parametric designer Michal Piasecki, Tylko has launched with three new modern designs. The minimalist Ivy Shelf and Hub Table is created in collaboration between Tylko and world-known designer Yves Béhar, and the Totem Mill created by Krystian Kowalski. Allowing for risk-free shopping online, the app enables the customer to recreate and change various perimeters of the product in including height, width, depth as well as material and colour, to fit perfectly into their space. Pretty clever don't you think?

Images: This is Paper via Tylko

Merging a sofa with occasional furniture, the Two Be collection was created by Spanish design brand Vitale Studio and produced by Koo International. The hybrid design has a Scandinavian feel and modular concept that allows the user to configure a setup that works best for their space. The wooden table structure provides a great place to keeps things at hand, and is also made to hold metal accessories for additional storage and function. 

Images: Design Milk via Estudio Vitale

Taking the 'Ikea Hack' to new levels, most of you will be familiar with SuperFront, the Swedish company that designs fronts, sides, tops, handles and legs to fit Ikea's most famous cabinet frames. A playful and thoughtful concept, it not only enables people to create new and personalised furniture, it encourages the reuse and upcycling of current pieces. Recently, stylists Nina Holst, Jannicke Kråkvik & Alessandro D´Orazio, and Per Olav Sølvberg each designed a SuperFront cabinet that will be auctioned off at Blomqvist, with the money going to NRK´s telethon for the Rainforest (Regnskogfondet). Gorgeous designs and all for a great cause. What could be better? 

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  1. Seems like the simplistic look is really the "in" thing to have. Not that everyone can carry it off given the amount of things they own. We should all rent out storage units and clear out our homes to achieve this! Haha!



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