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Rum21 | One Sofa Three Ways


Today's styling comes courtesy of Swedish homeware store Rum21 and their new champaign for Decotiques Le Grand Air Sofa. Available in three different colours, each have been beautifully styled by Frida Ramstedt of Trendenser, and photographed by Bodil Bergqvist. 

Personally I love the muted tones above, which feature the sofa in Dark Grey, alongside earthy green and black accents. The Nordic Blue sofa below paired with green hues is a bit bolder. The addition of light wood and grey furniture softens the overall look and makes the room really warm and inviting. 

Styling by Frida Ramstedt and photography by Bodil Bergqvist

The Exclusive White sofa styling above is perfect inspo for those who love bright white interiors, neutrals and soft pastels. The graphic cushions add a playful touch. 

Images via Rum21

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  1. Oh I love those big sofas with lots of pillows ;)



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