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I created this moodboard at the end of last week in anticipation of a quiet weekend, but ran out of days to post it. Probably just as well because as it turned out, the weekend was far from quiet. After endless summer days I had forgotten what it was like to wake to the sound of rain, but it was actually a welcome change and much needed. The kids were full of energy so we kept them busy with indoor activities like rock climbing and a trip to the wave pool. Somewhere along the way I got stuck into some work on one of my current projects. All too quickly Monday arrived and this morning was spent frantically getting everyone ready and out the door on time for the kids first day back. Talk about a shock to the system! 

Returning to a quiet home, reality has now set in. I have time to myself again. Time to breathe, and be still. Now I know, the moodboard was really meant for today.

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I want to elaborate on a couple of the images above because they are so beautiful. The modular sofa, Vibieffe Evosuite by Innocenti Arredamenti looks so inviting don't you think? And that house... what an exquisite setting. 

I love these images by Kowtow Clothing whose art direction for every shoot is always spot on. These have a soft, unique feel to them, and a sense of mystery. Nowadays we are literally bombarded with more beautiful imagery than ever before, not just via fashion mags and ad campaigns but also via the web and social media. In the age of the #selfie and questionable #nofilter, these to me are a breath of fresh air. 

Images via Kowtow Clothing

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