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Very happy to have reached the end of the week, I'm looking forward to slowing down and taking a much-needed breather over the weekend. With that in mind, SlowWood, a brand of elegant furniture handmade in the Netherlands seems like a very fitting choice for today. Well-made, well-designed and long lasting, the pieces are designed to fit easily into any interior. Ever since I first spied the no-fuss, timeless designs I have been imagining each of the tables in my own home, especially this coffee table. Designer Christien Starkenburg believes in a slow lifestyle, which she applies to her work as well as her life. All of her designs are sustainable and handcrafted by local artisans. Using a manufacturing process that is 100% Eco-friendly and purposely slow, she allows herself to give each design the utmost attention and care.

I'm starting to feel a sense of calmness already, just from looking at this beautiful imagery. I hope it has had the same effect on you. Here's to a relaxed weekend ahead. Enjoy!  

All imagery via SlowWood

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