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Instagram | November


As November draws to a close, I thought I had better squeeze in an Instagram post for the month. It also gives me a chance to say a massive thank you to all my followers out there. Knowing that you are gaining inspiration from my daily posts gives me the encouragement to keep going, even on those days when I'm struggling to pick up the camera, or the house looks like a complete tip. Despite how it may appear, ours is very much a lived-in family home and what you see is the edited version, when the scattered toys have been swept out of view. This week has been the most challenging yet, because our youngest son Marlow managed to cause a flood downstairs when he decided to run a bath while I was upstairs cooking dinner. Four days of dryers and dehumidifiers going has caused the house to become like a sauna, and my brain also feels completely fried. A mention of this little disaster on Instagram resulted in some lovely (and amusing) comments, which immediately made me feel better. Especially the story from a fellow Mum whose son (also four at the time) put the hose through the living room window to make a 'swimming pool'.

Images via @thedesignchaser

The current situation at home has me holed up in my warm little office with the fan on full. Keen to get outside for some air, I promise to share some favourite feeds with you next time. Have a lovely weekend!

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