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Mater | Beautifully Ethical Design


I have some beautiful interior eye candy for you today, thanks to the Danish design brand Mater, which I discovered via Unfinished HomeSpecialising in furniture and lighting, the company was founded in 2006 by Henrik Marstrand, who had a strong vision to create timeless and beautiful design. One look at the products, and it is easy to see that he has succeeded. Presented to a global audience for the first time at the Paris Maison&Objet in August 2007, Mater went to win Best Debut Design Brand by Wallpaper* Magazine the following year.

The brand is recognised and applauded as a global pioneer in creating sustainable, eco-conscious, socially responsible design. Mater - Latin for mother - centres around working methods that support people, local craft traditions and the environment. "We explore materials and productions methods that are friendly towards “mother earth” without compromising on the design aesthetic. Some products are made entirely by hand using only simple tools".

This exquisite craftsmanship is the work of both established and fresh design talent from around the world. The Bowl Table series above designed by Ayush Kasliwal is definitely a favourite. I love how the texture and curved shape of the table top (made from sustainably harvested mango wood) contrasts with the sharp, pointed steel legs. 

It's hard to choose as I do love everything, but my other top picks would be the Box System due to its multi-functional design, the Sideboard by Søren Rose Studio, and the High Stool range by Space Copenhagen. 

For more information, and to see the full range of products take a look here

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  1. It really looks like beautiful craftsmanship. I love the form of the stools in that first image and would have them (along with pretty much everything else shown here) in a heartbeat if I had an breakfast bar. Nice find Michelle! M x

    1. Thanks Mel. The stools are amazing aren't they? x

  2. This really is a true eye-candy! So stylish and timeless and I like their ethics. I had to visit their website and spent some minutes browsing through it.. Bowl side-table is also one of my favorites from this brand and I like the brown leather Shell lounge chairs, I think it's because they remind me butterfly chairs which are one of my all time favourites..
    Have a great day and thanks for sharing, I didn't know about the company before!

    1. I know. How did we miss them?! I had seen their stools in photos of The Musket Room in NYC (amazing restaurant) but never knew who the designer was. Great to finally know x

  3. How say you thank you. What amazement! Lovely furnishings with an incredible ethic.

    1. Thanks Bianca - great find! Your blog is a recent discovery of mine and I love it! Keep up the great work x x



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