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Fine Lines


Regardless of the object, whether it's furniture, artwork or jewellery, I love simple design and clean lines. I find that when there are very fine details at play, it adds further interest and a lovely delicate quality. What better way to demonstrate than with a moodboard?

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In design, fine lines go hand in hand with quality materials and craftsmanship. Minimal style often extends to the packaging, while black, white, pale wood and glass will always be timeless. The overall vibe of 'less is more', or in this case 'less not more' rings true, and it's a mantra I try to live by in all areas of my life. I've picked out some recent finds that fit the theme perfectly. 

1. Bai Lu Chair by Neri & Hu
2. Dyflin Candles by Indigo & Cloth
3. Oneline Clothes Rack by Klemens Schillinger
4. DIY Plaster Bowl by mylifebox
5. La Mamba Mirrors for Omlette-ed
6. Visi Coat Hooks by Studio Macura

More Less image via

Before I go, I'm delighted to announce the winner of the Abode Living Giveaway. Congratulations to the lovely Genevieve Stone!! What a lucky lady!! Massive thanks to everyone who entered and to Abode for their amazingly generous prize. 

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