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Although I'm still quite new to Instagram, it's fast becoming an important part of the social media side of my blog, and it's addictive! As a blogger, I find Pinterest to be an amazing tool for sourcing and bookmarking ideas, and for driving traffic to the blog. While I like to share photos of my own styling, home and work, it's predominantly a place to pin images sourced from elsewhere, or repin from those who I follow. As such, it's a constant pool of inspiration and of course highly visual, which I love. 

Instagram on the other hand is more personal. I take photos of our home, events that I attend, and sometimes the kids. I like that it gives a behind the scenes look at my life and blog, but what's more, it provides a great way to connect with others.   

Images via my Instagram

Today I'm starting a new occasional series, Instagram Ideas & Inspiration. Similar to Pinterest Picks & Peeks, it's a way of sharing some of the instagrammers who I follow and love. If you're on Instagram, I'm sure like me you'll be able to gain ideas and learn from these clever people. If not, you'll still be able to check out their feeds and feel really inspired. Either way, I'm sure these images will leave you wanting more! 

First up is Hanna Ahlin, a Stockholm-based freelance interior designer and stylist. I love her effortless style, which is a unique mix of Scandi, boho and vintage. Her blog is also fantastic.

Jessie Webster of Sweet Thing Blog has over 30 thousand followers, and it's easy to see why. Based in Los Angeles, Jessie is an incredibly talented photographer, and her feed of photos, taken only on her iPhone, will take your breath away. 

Lastly, I just have to include Alice Gao, who has a remarkable following of over 640 thousand! Long before I joined Instagram, I had been captivated by Alice's photos on her blog Lingered Upon. Her ability to capture simple everyday things with such beauty is astounding. 

Are you on Instagram? I'd love to hear what you think of this new series!  

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  1. Really like the series! Such a nice idea to share these inspirational Instagrammers on your blog.

  2. I'm not on Instagram (yet), but I have thought about joining a lot. And your post totally increased my appetite for Instagram! But at the same time I know that it's something I may get addicted to and spend too much time with it..

    1. I know what you mean... there aren't enough hours in the day! Happy weekend Anu x

  3. Love this idea for a series Michelle, some great recommendations. So many Instagram users have become my go-to creativity catalysts. The hash tags and easy interaction make IG a winner also.

    1. Thanks Prue, that is so true! I never even used hashtags before I joined IG! x

  4. Thank you! I am obsessed with IG too and always looking for new inspirational feeds. Love your IG feed and this series. X

    1. Oh thank you Nicola, so nice to hear from you. Your IG feed is beautiful! x



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