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Dining Chairs | Inspiration + Wishlist


I've talked before about my love of chairs and how much I would love a set of Wishbone Chairs for the dining table. Of course I would have to save up and buy one at a time, and it would probably take me forever, but it would be worth it! Designed by Hans Wegner in 1949, the rounded shape of the chair is really beautiful. In fact most of my favourite dining chairs have a similar elegance and aesthetic. In addition to the design classics that have well and truly stood the test of time, there are some newer designs that I currently love, from Danish brands such as HayMuuto and &Tradition. Combining form and function, these chairs not only look incredible, they will go the distance when it comes to comfort at seated dinner parties!

Scrolling through my Pinterest I had many stunning images of the chairs mentioned above, especially Wishbone and Thonet chairs. Here are a few, but if you need further inspiration check out my Dining board

Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

To finish off, I've compiled my current picks. 

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  1. All beautiful chairs. The curves look great in contrast to a square or rectangular table, and fit perfectly with a round table - win, win! x

  2. The link to kristalia doesn't works. thank you

    1. Thanks for that. The link to where I found the black & white option appears to be broken. I've now linked through to the main Kristalia site.

  3. Great designs, love them all. These chairs looks very stylish and also enhance the look of room too.

  4. Amazing desgins and wonderful chairs



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