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Inky Greys + Dip Dyes


Growing up, my father owned a home textiles business, importing fabrics from all around the world. He was immensely passionate about his work and I have fond memories of him bringing home new samples to show my sisters and I, and the fun we had visiting the warehouse, where there were rolls and rolls of textiles. I caught the bug early, and have always loved the textural element that fabric brings to interiors. 

Right now I'm working on the bedrooms in our new home, and the most exciting aspect is the bedding. Choosing colours and patterns for the kidsrooms is so much fun, and for our room, I feel like trying something a little bit different. In the past I've favoured crisp cotton bed linen in whites, soft greys and neutral tones but lately I've been drawn to darker greys and charcoals, and natural linens. While I always love white as a base, these moodier pallets really appeal. 

One of my favourite bed linen companies CULTIVER, who I featured here, do a beautiful selection of linen bedding in a range of colours including white and grey.

Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7    

More recently I've started noticing inky textiles - tie dyed, dip dyed, ombre, water colours - however they have been created, the effect is the same, and I can't get enough!

Talented New Zealand designer Emma Hayes produces an incredible range of water-inspired home textiles and objects that I'm currently lusting after. The Ink Collection features blankets and pillowcases (above) as well as cushions (see further down) and even a beautiful series of art prints. and The Undertow Collection has an amazing wallpaper and will follow soon with signature bedding pieces (seen below) designed to mix perfectly with black and neutrals.

Cushions play a big part when it comes to bedroom furnishings, but are also easily transferable to your living spaces. Even just one new cushion can give your bed or sofa a lift. Choose something striking, and it will inject some wow into your room. I'm thinking of test driving one of these cushions before I go all out with the bedding.

Not strictly a cushion, number 5 is actually a kids pouf, but it's so gorgeous I had to include it! 

1 Tie Dye Black Ink Cushion by Aura 
2 Drip Pillow in Black by Linum
3 Dip Dye Charcoal Cushion by Aura
4 Tidal Cushion in Grey by Emma Hayes
5 Kebnekaise Knitted Pouf by Little Red Stuga Designstudio
6 Ink Cushion by Emma Hayes
7 Linen Tie Dye Cushion Cover in Denim by Ceannis
8 Black Splash Pillow by Linum
9 Tie Dye Linen Cushion Cover in Grey by Ceannis

Of course, if you're a keen DIY'er, there are plenty of DIY ideas on the web. Inspiring blogger and instagram queen Deborah Gordon shows us how it's done. 

For the full low-down, including what you'll need and step-by-step instructions, pop over and see Deborah's guest post on A Merry Mishap.

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  1. I love the mix of grey linen in pic 3, it looks so cosy. The dip dyed look is fab! Aroha here in Napier have some gorgeous hand dyed cushions that I've had my eye on. x

    1. Yes, the linen bedhead is nice isn't it? ooh.. they sound lovely x

  2. I'm such a fan of Cultiver, loving my sheets and pillowcases so much. Next on the list will definitely be the duvet cover in the warmer shades... xx

  3. The gray effect theme of the linens gave a sexy effect, the room looked elegant.



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