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Despite the fact that these days we are attached to our laptops and smart phones, there's still something deliciously tactile and satisfying about writing notes and lists the old-fashioned way. Take me for example. In addition to the blog and my Pinterest boards, both of which record my design loves and inspirations, I always have at least two notebooks on the go. At the moment I have one for blog notes and one for our home build. Of course the prettier they are the better, so when I heard from Sarah Silver, a London-based graphic designer who has recently launched a gorgeous luxury stationery brand StudioSarah, my heart did a little flutter. I was instantly smitten with the fresh yet timeless designs of her notebooks and cards which feature pretty pastels and beautiful gold detailing. Already stocked in many retailers worldwide, it's easy to see why Sarah's products are being snapped up!

To find out about Sarah's journey so far, I asked her a few questions. 

You were born in London. Do you still live there and if so, what do you love about the city?

I've always been a Londoner and really couldn't imagine myself living anywhere else! It's such a diverse and interesting city with so much culture and heritage and there is always something interesting to do or see.

Can you tell us a bit about your background and what led you to launching StudioSarah?

As far as I can remember I have always had a love for paper goods and letter writing, and so it has always been a dream of mine to have my own line of stationery products. I trained as a graphic designer at the University of the arts (in London) and then went onto work as a designer for a magazine at Conde Nast before leaving to start my own business. I felt there was a real lack of stylish stationery, particularly in England, and so spotted a gap in the market which is when StudioSarah was born! I wanted to design luxurious products that I would want to use and send, with a real emphasis on quality and finish.

You have several collections. Which is your favourite and why?

It was a considered decision to launch StudioSarah with a clean capsule collection that has a strong identity and a signature style (touches of gold foiling and high end materials) where all the products relate to one another. I chop and change between having a favourite, but at the moment I would say it's the Desktop collection of notebooks which are currently taking over my desk as I seem to be using every colour!

What inspires you - international design, other creatives, the web, magazines etc?

I find that living in London is a great source of inspiration, as there is such a focus on art and design and a wealth of galleries and beautiful stores at your disposal. I would say I'm inspired by understated but beautiful design and so it can be anything from a great handbag or piece of packaging, to a lovely bit of typography. Fashion has always been great food for thought with such an array of amazing concepts, colours and textures to look at, and so I treasure my ever growing magazine collection. I have also more recently become a fan of Pinterest which is great for collating new ideas.

What are your goals for StudioSarah - where do you hope to be in five years time?

I would love to grow StudioSarah and expand my product range which I hope to do over the next few years. My ambitions are to become a well loved British brand and be the 'Celine' of the stationery world, known for well made, tasteful collections that people love using!

Pop over to Sarah's beautiful website to see her collections and stockists. 

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  1. It's all so beautiful - understated and elegant. I've been wanting a new notebook, so I'll pop over to her website now. x

  2. Those are awesome, well designed and looks charming, I love the creativeness.

  3. So beautiful. I think what I love most about these designs is how simplistic yet glamorous they are. Just elegant. I can see myself using these on a daily basis. I would just find people to send thank you notes to. Thanks!

    Love, Richelle from Lynn + Lou



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