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Interior Styling | Vintage Benchseats


When it comes to dining areas both indoors and out, I like the idea of mixing a benchseat in with the chairs. I know they can be impractical, if say you're in the middle of a dinner party and someone sitting smack bang in the middle needs to get up to use the restroom! But hey, they do look great, and for that reason alone they are worth considering. 

I started out with the intention of sharing all kinds of benchseats but when I began to pick out the ones I'm coveting right now from my Pinterest boards they all ended up being of the vintage variety. I just love the look of rustic wood, especially in contrast to clean, white interiors. Often seen in Scandi-style spaces this versatile piece of furniture works well in different areas of the home. I'll show you how...

At the dining table a benchseat fits in nicely with an eclectic mix of chairs and stools and also adds warmth to an all-white canvas. 

Placed in the entryway a benchseat comes in handy as a place to pop your things and somewhere to sit when putting on your shoes! In hallways and living areas in general, benchseats make a nice alternative to the occasional chair. Add a simple cushion or luxurious sheepskin for texture. 

The one below with trestle legs works well as a low level table in a corner of the living room. An easy DIY option perhaps?

This next example is one of my favourites. Strictly more of a console table than a benchseat due the height of the legs, I love how it fits behind the sofa on the edge of the gorgeous rug. Simple styling with a plant and a few objects placed on top completes the look.

Easily transferable from dining table to lounge, benchseats provide extra seating when necessary. 

The bedroom lends itself perfectly to a benchseat, especially when placed at the foot of the bed. 

Lastly, why not place a benchseat in the bathroom? Shown here next to a fabulous freestanding bath, it provides the perfect home for soaps, candles and a towel. 

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I've tracked down a couple of vintage benchseats from local online retailers:

I would also recommend checking out two of the best vintage stores around, Mr Bigglesworthy and Flotsam & Jetsam. If they don't have a benchseat you are after, they may be able to source one for you. 

You'll also find plenty of options on the online auction sites ebay and trademe

The best thing about sourcing vintage and second-hand finds is that you can often pick yourself up a bargain!

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  1. funnily enough i just bought a bench seat from junk and disorderly yesterday. It looks like an older painters seat or something as the top of it is splattered in black, grey and white paint.I bought it for the kitchen, and with the intention of doing it up, but once home I decided I quite like it just the way it is...

    1. Wow, sounds like a great find! I didn't include an example of one in the kitchen so that's great inspiration - thanks Jodie! x

  2. I love the one behind the sofa, it takes the focus off the sofa back, especially if you use it to display a couple of things. Will be checking out your local suggestions to - thanks :) x

  3. Benches is underestimated, really. They can be used to so many different things in all areas of a home. I can't get enough of them at times. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by - love that you're such a big fan of benchseats! x

  4. I love benches, they're so practical. So many lovely ideas of their uses here Michelle, thank you. M x



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