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Kristina Krogh Studio


I'm seriously crushing on these posters right now. Created by Kristina Krogh, a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Copenhagen, they combine so many desirable elements. Firstly there are the geometric shapes arranged into different structures, then there's the cool mix of textural materials including wood, ply, cork and marble. A pastel-coloured background provides softness and contrast. Add to that some incredible styling, and I'm head over heels. I really think these artworks were meant for me!

The styling is so lovely it makes me want every gorgeous accessory and object Kristina has used. She clearly has an amazing eye, combining marble, coppery materials, and little everyday items to create on-trend, unique vignettes. 

I'd love to see Kristina's work displayed in the home, preferably mine when it's finished being built! I've been following Kristina via her Facebook page and she said yesterday that she was doing last minute testing before launching her webshop, so keep an eye out for that. You can also view more of her work at Kristina Krogh Studio. Her portfolio includes some very cool graphic design work for a wide range of clients, and you can see her full range of posters here

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  1. They are incredible. I'm completely sold on the round ones! And they're so you, Michelle, you have to get some for your home. x

    So refreshingly different and classy

  3. LOVE...



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