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Interior Styling | Picture Walls


One of the things on my to-do list for when we move into our new home is to frame some family portraits we had taken when our youngest was around six months old. He's now almost three. I know, shockingly slow. It has however given me time to gather plenty of ideas for how to display them. I love seeing photos in the home, it adds such a personal touch. In addition to displaying pictures of loved ones, I also love photographic art especially portraits in black and white. I've pinned loads of inspiring images on to my Photography Board, and often think how cool it would be to have a collection like this to frame.

I've also pinned and bookmarked numerous images of stunning interiors featuring picture walls in the home for inspiration, and I thought I'd show you some today. Which style do you like?

These two images demonstrate my favourite way of grouping photographs. I love that the photos vary in size with matching frames (in this case black) and that the arrangements aren't too perfect. I like the idea of creating something interesting and unique. A good tip is to lay them out on the floor first and play around with them until you've found an arrangement you like, then mark on the wall where you want to place them. You could also go one step further and trace around the pictures on to paper, cut them out and stick them on the wall first. 

If you prefer to hang your pictures in a more orderly fashion then this is a lovely example.

I'm always drawn to homes with long, wide hallways. They provide the perfect place to create a gallery wall. I'm not sure if this is actually an entrance way but I like to think it is. Imagine being greeted with this stunning series of photos as you walk in the door! 

A great alternative to hanging photos, and a much easier option so long as you have the shelves for it, is to lean pictures against the wall. I love this look, especially the way they overlap. We've been lucky to have fireplace mantels in our last two homes which have provided a great place to display a mix of our wedding and kids photos. 

For more of a structured look, this is gorgeous. 

These are simply leaned up against the wall on the floor. Perhaps not the best option with little hands wanting to grab at them, but I would definitely consider this once the kids are older. 

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 

Whether it's a portrait of one of your favourite style icons, fashion photography or an artistic image, an oversized photograph on its own can really pack a punch. This would also work beautifully with a family pic or one from your travels. 

These make a huge impact and notice that you can do this in any room of the home, even the bathroom. I love the one above of Kate Moss - very cool indeed. 

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  1. All your examples are gorgeous. I love the first two where they are more loosely arranged. But the last examples of oversized photos are my favourites.

    For ages now I've wanted to get two or three photos of our girls (we have 3, but the twins are often photographed together), and blow them up and hanging them down our hallway. Also love the framed photo in the bathroom idea. x



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