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You may remember me mentioning that my laptop died last week. Well, it turns out it's actually a virus, so I apologise in advance if you hear a little less from me this week, while we (by we, I mean my hubby) work on the problem! 

Despite the setback, I have managed to add something exciting to the blog this week. If you haven't noticed, there's a new 'subscribe' box on the side bar of the blog. Just enter your email address, hit 'go' and The Design Chaser posts will be delivered straight to your inbox. Easy!

Now, onto Pinterest, with three different themes and three new Pinterest moodboards for the week. 

Since starting this blog, I'm especially thankful for you guys! That you take the time to stop by, have a read, and are inspired enough to keep coming back, makes writing these posts such a joy. These warm tones are lovely so I've added in the colour palette. I love how the soft and pretty peach shades contrast beautifully with the raw concrete and exposed brick. 

I curated this kids style moodboard during the recent school holidays in NZ, to inspire parents and their little ones. 

This theme is centred around a great phrase (life is definitely better when you're laughing, right?) and a lovely grey and white colour palette. 

All images via my Pinterest boards.

This week's Pinterest pick is Karlijn de Jong, a graphic designer from the Netherlands. Along with her friend, Femke Brooks, who is also a fantastic pinner, they run online store Paqhuis selling gorgeous graphic design and lifestyle products. It's impossible not to be inspired by Karlijn's impeccable style and cool Dutch vibe. Her beautifully curated boards include pins of interiors, fashion, photography, graphic design and more.

I'm always repinning Karlijn's pins and what's nice, is that she follows me too. In fact, judging by our similar tastes, I think if we met in person we'd have lots in common. If you're on Pinterest you'll know what I mean. Sometimes you just 'click' with someone, despite having never met, or in this case living on opposite sides of the world.  

Here's a peek at some of Karlijn's pins. 

Links below images

1 Pin | 2 Pin | 3 Pin | 4 Pin | 5 Pin | 6 Pin | 7 Pin | 8 Pin | Pin

Pin 5 is a picture of one of the gorgeous Paqhuis posters. Pop over here to see the full range of products, most of which are lovingly hand-made in their studio. 

Happy pinning everyone! 

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  1. Such gorgeous images, I love them all. I'm off to check out more of Karlijn's pins and her website. Thanks for sharing.

    Hope you get your computer problem sorted, what a bummer! x

  2. Gorgeous images! Shall share on my site if thats okay! xx

    1. Of course - share away! So glad you like them x

  3. I found post about this blog on Milo and Mitzy and I truly love it! :) xx



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