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Sideboard Styling


I love a good sideboard. Even though it's one piece of furniture I have yet to acquire, it's definitely on the wishlist!  

Today's sideboards come in many different modern and contemporary styles but because they date back to the 18th century, there are always antique and vintage finds on offer. I particularly love mid-century sideboards which work well in all styles of interiors, contemporary or classic. They have a timeless quality but a coat of white paint or splash of colour will give them a modern edge.

Aesthetically sideboards can make a big impact in hallways, living or dining areas, but they are also a versatile and practical addition to the home. Depending on the design, they can be useful for both storing and displaying items. Keep the things you want hidden behind closed doors or in drawers, and the things you want to display on open shelving and/or on top of the sideboard. 

Often it's the sideboard styling (on top of and around the sideboard) that really creates the magic! I often stumble across examples of how to do this really well, so I thought I'd share some ideas with you today. 

Let your sideboard shine by keeping things minimal. I love the look of pendant lights hanging nearby, or extendible wall-mounted lights. Because sideboards are usually quite close to the ground, you can hang your lights low, or extend wall mounted lights right down over them, for added interest.


Sideboards provide a great place to display art and framed photos. Leaning them against the wall can be a stylish alternative to hanging them. Or you can do both!

Grouping similar items together on top of a sideboard can create a nice focal point. I really like the look of grouping ceramics in one colour. 

A nice way of bringing some greenery into the home, a sideboard provides a great surface for a small pot plant. 

Are you a fan of sideboards? Which is your favourite style? 

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  1. All of them! Such a nice inspiration ♥
    I am going to do something like pciture #8.

    Beautiful blog,

    1. Thanks Vicky! So glad you've been inspired - that one is gorgeous! x



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