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Through the Lens | Kristofer Johnsson


I first came across the work of Swedish photographer KristoferJohnsson via the Stockholm real estate agency Fantastic Frank. Pushing the boundaries of traditional residential real estate agencies, this young company is known for their ability to 'transform ho-hum apartments into temples of modern design.' The gorgeous home above is a shining example, don't you think? The way they produce such amazing decor and impeccable photography is by hiring photographers and stylists, from high-gloss industries, including advertising, fashion and architecture. That of course is where Kristofer comes in. As one of the photographers they use, he captures these striking spaces with beautiful clarity. I can't get enough of them! 

Above images via

Here are some more photographs from Kristofer's impressive portfolio. 

To see more of Kristofer's work, take a look here

Above images via

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  1. Such an inspiring collection of beautiful photos! I can see many of my recent favorites here, didn't know who was behind these shots until now :)



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