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Paper Cut Project


When I first laid eyes on these gorgeous art installations I was completely taken aback. And that was before I saw that they were made from paper. Paper Cut Project is a collaboration between Nikki Nye, a fine arts graduate and fashion blogger, and Amy Flurry, a freelance writer, editor and stylist. Inspired by a love of fashion and an appreciation of the elegance and beauty of paper they have transformed this humble material into stunning sculptures, props and accessories. Using only a steel blade knife and glue their designs are complex and really quite amazing. Piece by piece they are painstakingly assembled to produce stunning and dramatic forms across several different disciplines.

Catching the attention of the world's top fashion houses including Hermes and Cartier these exquisite art gallery pieces can also be spotted on runways, in window installations and editorial spreads. I keep picturing one hung on the wall in my home. Preferably the side profile horse from the exclusive collection for Hermes ... or maybe the owl from the Anamalia Series ... I guess for now I'll have to settle for looking at these.

The talented duo Nikki Nye and Amy Flurry


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