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All images via
All images via Metropolitan Style 

My husband just bought a bike and I'm a little envious. Even though my mode of transport is a car (often with kids in tow) and I go to the gym most days, the idea of a shiny new bicycle is appealing. Some of the latest designs are so beautiful - surely they must count as a style accessory!

Here are a few of my picks.  

The hand-crafted Madison bike by Detroit Bicycle Company is a stunner. I love it's black retro look.

The DV01 bicycle by designer David Qvick perfectly combines form and function. The beauty of this bike is revealed in its simplicity, combined with sleek and pristine detailing. 

The Porteur Bicycle by Design agency Detail, is a beautiful, vintage inspired bike with a contemporary twist. Designer Matthew Conway sourced a ‘70s chrome Carlton and turned it into a stunning ‘50s-style porteur bike. I just love the shiny silver frame and leather detailing.

Bikes like these are almost too lovely to take outside, so why not display them in your space. Hallways, living rooms or under the stairs, they will be right at home with other designer products and pieces of art. 


Bicycle Club by NL Architects

Believe it or not, this image shows a plan for a cycle-hire shop that is going to be built in Southern China. The Dutch studio NL Architects are currently working on detailed designs for constructions that include a velodrome on the roof. How cool is that?

A shop and cafe on the ground floor will be shaded by glazed exterior walls protruding from the curved rooftop track. Customers will be able to hire a bike and then head up to the track via central staircases which will also serve as seating for spectators. Brilliant! 

You can read more about these plans on the Dezeen Magazine website here.

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