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KeepCup Piccolo


Earlier in the week I talked about the KeepCup - you can read that post here. I mentioned it came in four sizes but I just realised that I didn't include a photo of the smallest, the 'Piccolo' size. Introduced in April 2011, the tiny cups are specially designed for the kiddie set to drink their milk, hot chocolate or the super popular fluffy! How cute is that?

When the Piccolo was launched, founders Abigail and Jamie Forsyth hosted 150 guests at South Melbourne espresso institution St Ali. The cups, which also come in many colour combos, were filled to the brim with delicious cocktails, accompanied by delicious food by then head chef Ben Cooper. Talk about doing it in style! 

So here are a few pics. 

'Bubbalino' designed by Vanessa at

My boys (they love their KeepCups as much as Mum!)

KeepCup Piccolo cocktails! Brilliant!! 

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