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Previously I talked about wanting a fabulous Nespresso coffee machine. In the meantime, I will continue to buy my coffee out, which is not such a bad thing. Especially since I discovered the KeepCupI've been using mine for a while now and never leave home without it! 

Developed in Melbourne, this barista approved, reusable coffee cup is genius. Launched in 2009, it sold 1000 cups in just two hours. Environmentally friendly aside, the phenomenal success that followed has largely been due to the Keep Cup's stylish design. Its creator Abigail Forsyth tells of customers buying the cups, not even knowing what they were for but because they liked the colours! Check out how you can design your own KeepCup here and you will see why. So many colour combinations to choose from! Even if you're not a coffee drinker you'll want to become one!

The KeepCup comes in four sizes and the colour combinations are endless! 

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