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Warren Garrett Unveils its Montreal Atelier as a Base for Global Projects


Founded in Los Angeles in 2003 by Marie-Eve Warren, a Montreal native, and Jeremy Garrett, a Californian, Warren Garrett is an interior architecture and design firm specialising in high-end residential and boutique hospitality environments. Curators of timeless, understated luxury, the close-knit, multidisciplinary firm transcends the traditional roles of architect/designer to provide a bespoke vision that is tailored to the lifestyle of the client and the biography of their environment. The founders shared aesthetic tastes and harmonious sense of design and direction is reflected in their new Montreal atelier, a beautiful, light-filled space that blends original architectural detailing with fresh, contemporary design. 

Embraced by the façade of a very old building, the atelier is located in Montreal's Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district which is known both for its distinct neighbourhood character, and intricate connection to the pulse of the nearby city centre. Though the building was gutted and transformed, Warren Garrett went to great lengths to preserve some of its original elements, including exposed wooden beams, expansive windows and terrazzo flooring. While the atelier includes elements of technical architecture and very fine detailing, Warren Garrett set out to create a stable and productive work environment that is grounded in its connection to the old-soul of the building, rather than an environment devoid of historical nuances. Accordingly, artisanal and noble materials frame a mindful blend of vintage furnishings and modern design elements, resulting in a seamless balance between old and new.

“The atelier is essentially a collection of our work and accessories, fused together in a very curated way to create a warm and creative environment,” explains Marie-Eve Warren. “It also provides our clients with immediate insight into the essence of our approach, evoking emotions that will be present throughout their own projects.”

The curated space is less formal than a typical design atelier, with a sense of home that includes thoughtfully integrated furnishings from a selection of the partners’ own personal collections, acquired over years of sourcing for clients and travelling the world. At the heart of the atelier, Luigi Caccia Dominioni leather chairs surround a Guillerme Chambron French Oak conference table. Pierre Guariche lounge chairs, wrapped in alpaca mohair, add an additional layer of warmth and comfort to a space infused with the culture and sophistication of an Italian counterbalance brass lamp, and an ancient plaster relief sculpture. Further showcasing the firm’s body of work are functional pieces including a customised étagère, as well as marble and hand-cast bronze side tables named Pippo from Warren Garrett’s forthcoming furniture collection set to launch later this year. Original artwork from Madelaine Grenier and photography by Jeremy Garrett, from a collection titled Destinations, adorn the atelier’s walls.

Through tailored curation, Warren Garrett’s boutique-style approach to architecture and design weaves intimate storylines into large-scale projects, delivering truly unique results to its global clients. The warm ambiance of the atelier beautifully embodies that approach, which extends well beyond its offices. For a firm focused on close collaborations with its team, its clients and its projects, Montreal, with its architecturally-rich yet small town charm, is a city that aligns perfectly with the firm's mission.  

Photography by Maxime Brouillet

Images courtesy of v2com

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