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SE3 | New Online Store


A flat renovation in London kick started a love of all things in interiors for Fiona Shine. Now living in Auckland with her husband and their children, and with numerous house renovations under her belt, Fiona has launched a fabulous online Home and Lifestyle store, SE3.

Brimming with ideas and always on the lookout for unusual or quirky decorative objects for her own home, Fiona created SE3 as a way of sharing these treasures with others. Each product is carefully and passionately selected, focusing on quality and unique design. Handpicked from a select range of designers from around the world along with an array of pieces found locally, I'm excited about what's on offer, as I'm sure you will be!

You'll find a vast range of products, including soft textiles like the bedding and cushions above, as well as a gorgeous collection of home accessories and lightingThere is also an extensive range of wall art including original pieces and limited prints. I especially love the black and white selection. 

The Only Way is Up Print by One Must Dash

SE3 will also source products for individual clients, as requested. This service is great for those who are facing the challenges of finding or shipping items. Contact SE3 with your specific needs and they will be happy to help you.

Magnetic Bunny Wallpaper by Groovy Magnets

Magnetic Chalkboard Wallpaper

Interested in finding out more about Fiona and the path that led her to launching SE3, I asked her a few questions. As it turns out, it's a good thing I did, because this is one fascinating lady! Make sure you keep reading to find out why...

Tell us how the name SE3 came about.

The name came about because SE3 was the first part of my postcode when I lived in London. I undertook my first flat renovation in London, which kick started my love of all things interiors, so it only seemed right to give it credit!

You are originally from the UK. What do you love about living in Auckland?

I love EVERYTHING about Auckland!! In particular, I love the lifestyle, the ambiance, the stunning beaches and the warm climate. Auckland to me is like a micro universe offering everything from fantastic shopping, restaurants and nightlife to beautiful scenery and the great outdoors. I can be swimming in the ocean on a deserted beach in the day and dining in the city at night. I love the super friendly people, especially those that welcomed me so openly and are now an amazing group of friends.

What inspires you?

In terms of interiors, I am inspired by a contemporary and Scandinavian look with an eclectic twist. In general, I am inspired by happy people who are passionate and love what they do in life, whatever that might be. The women who have inspired me most in life are my mother and my aunt. My mother because she has a fantastic outlook on life and is so strong and never gives up. My Aunt, Valerie Aikman-Smith, because she is the most stylish and talented person I know and as Los Angeles' most sought after Food Stylist, always has her finger on the button when it comes to fashion, style and interiors. 

Tell us some interesting facts about you.

  • My husband is a kiwi from Dunedin.
  • We live in (famous NZ Artist) Dick Frizzell's old house which is one of the oldest homesteads on the North Shore and which started life as a Kauri Millers cottage in the 1800s.
  • I got accepted to study Fine Art at Art School but ended up working as a corporate tax lawyer in London?!
  • I've done various interior design courses in London to further my knowledge.
  • I have travelled the world and visited over 50 countries from Cambodia to the Gambia to Brazil. Next on my list is Sri Lanka.
  • I went to a Naval Military Boarding School hidden away in Suffolk, England where I learnt to sail and tie very good knots!
  • I ride a motorbike and used to whizz around London on a little Italian Scooter.
  • My family are scattered all over the world. My parents live in Turkey and I visit them frequently.
  • I love good homecooked food made using the freshest ingredients.
  • I get up at 5.22am every week day to go to the gym with my friends and work out.
  • I laugh and smile a lot!
  • I love cake decorating and do it for fun and to relax.

Awesome! Huge thanks to Fiona for sharing these amazing facts with us!

SE3 has new products arriving daily, including those from some our favourite Scandinavian brands Bloomingville, Wallstuff, OYOY and Kristina Dam. To stay in the loop, make sure you like the SE3 Facebook page, and follow along on Instagram and Twitter.  

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  1. Looks like a cool shop, fun to see a picture of my studio at the wall of groovy magnets wallpaperm:)

    1. Oh, I love that image Desiree. I thought it looked familiar - I must have seen it on your blog at some point. I got it from the SE3 website for this post.... let me know if you'd like me to credit you x x

  2. Hi Michelle and Fiona - lovely to be introduced to SE3, congratulations Fiona. Perhaps you could dedicate a post on your blog about how you get up at that time to go to the gym everyday, and then look after your family and your store. Superwoman!

    1. Thanks Nic. I agree... total superwoman! I'm so not a morning person!! x x

  3. I'm so inspired by people who can get up that early. If only.... I'm such a night owl. I love the precious hours of the day when the kids are all asleep and i have some peace.



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